2020 Greater New York Dental Meeting

A Celebration Of Dentistry

The 2020 Greater New York Dental Meeting Is Going Virtual

Join us November 25th to December 3rd

For 96 years, the Greater New York Dental Meeting has been honored to collaborate with the entire Dental team and the Dental Trade. Responsible New York State officials have now decided that the Greater New York Dental Meeting cannot hold a face-to-face event that has grown to 55,000+ attendees.

The Greater New Dental Meeting and its two sponsors, the New York County Dental Society representing the Dentists of Manhattan and the Second District Dental Society, representing the Dentists of Brooklyn and Staten Island, fully understand how Dental offices and the Dental trade are suffering during these trying times. We feel your pain, as our dental offices cannot work at full capacity and our team members have reduced hours and in some cases furloughed.

Even with the current Pandemic challenges, we feel the show must go on and have decided to change the conversation from gloom to a celebration of our profession, and the future.

Our event this year will reduce exhibit booth expenses and attendees costs to zero:

  • FREE Registration
  • FREE Continuing Education Program
  • FREE Visits to the Exhibitor Floor
  • FREE "Live" Dentistry Programs
  • FREE Specialty Programming
  • FREE Scientific Poster Sessions

Registration, educational course listings and exhibit booth sales will open October 1st. Join us as we celebrate our beloved profession, so together, we will navigate through these uncertain times.

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If you have General Questions about the 2020 GNYDM Virtual Meeting contact us at:

212-398-6922 or Victoria@gnydm.com

Are you interested in Exhibiting or Sponsorships? The Virtual Exhibits and Sponsorship Application will be available on October 1st

Ms. Carla Borg, Exhibits Manager, carla@gnydm.com
Ms. Dana Soltis, Sponsorship & Advertising Manager, dana@gnydm.com
Ms. Kersing Yam, Poster Sessions & Global Project Manager, kersing@gnydm.com