The continuing education requirements are 60 CE credits every 3 years, with a maximum of 18 credits that can be self-instructional. 

NYS CE Requirements for Dentists 

  • NYS Mandated Infection Control course (once every 4 years).
  • CPR course: you must maintain a current certification (varies 1-3 years) CPR must be taken in person.  
  • 12-Hour Sedation (for sedation certificate holders) (every 3 years).
  • Opioids and Controlled Substances (for dentists who maintain a DEA number) every 3 years.
  • NYS Mandated Ethics and Jurisprudence course (once in your lifetime).
  • NYS Mandated Tobacco Cessation/Oral Cancer course (once in your lifetime).
  • NYS Mandated Child abuse course (once in your lifetime).

Mandatory Prescriber DEA Education Renewal for Licensed Dentists 

  • The Federal MATE act is a one-time 8-hour requirement with an emphasis on Medication Assisted Therapy, Access to Treatment & Recognition of Substance Use Disorders.
  • Before you register for any upcoming CE DEA Mandate course, check your New York State Dental Foundation, personal account because if you previously have taken an Opioid, Pain Management course, etc. the CE credit will be applied to the one-time 8-hour requirement.
  • NYS requires three hours every three years. Many of the topics overlap with the Federal requirement.
  • If you do not have a DEA number/registration you do not need to worry about this or the federal law. If you graduated in the last 5 years you do not need to satisfy the FEDERAL requirement.
  • Many of you have a 2023 NYS deadline to satisfy the 3-hour NYS requirement. The Federal requirement has to be completed before you renew your DEA registration after 6/27/2023.

Recommended (not required)

  • Risk Management is not required, but should be taken every 3 years for the 10% discount on malpractice insurance;
  • A HIPAA course is not required. 

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