As of January 1, 2023, the COVID-19 extension allowing 100% of the Continuing Education hours to be from any format expires. It will return to 60 CE credits every 3 years, with a maximum of 18 credits that can be self-instructional. 

Required CE courses

• Infection Control (OSHA) every four years;
• Opioids and Controlled Substances (for dentists who maintain a DEA number) every 3 years;
• CPR and basic life support every two years;
• State mandated ethics course, one time;
• State mandated oral cancer course, one time;
• 12-Hour Sedation (for sedation certificate holders) every three years. 

Recommended (not required)

  • Risk Management is not required, but should be taken every 3 years for the 10% discount on malpractice insurance;
  • A HIPAA course is not required. 

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