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NYCDS is a resource for practitioners who seek information pertaining to their practice, education and career. Communication is by email or regular mail.
All members receive the quarterly periodical, Dentists' Quarterly, as well as frequent communications entitled You'd Want to Know.

Young Professionals Enjoy Special Culinary Event
Dr. Mark Bauman recently made a second guest appearance at NYCDS providing another incredible tasting event, this time centered around Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar & More.  With training from the Culinary Institute of America and his incredible enthusiasm for “good eats,” Dr. Bauman showcased quality extra-virgin olive and balsamic vinegar in a variety of mouth-watering appetizers and one remarkable dessert and educated members on the variety of their quality and properties. (Who knew balsamic vinegar and a dash of pepper could taste so good on vanilla ice cream with strawberries?!)  Everyone agreed it was a special night enjoyed by all.
Special thanks to Dr. Bauman for his time, preparations and sharing his expertise!  While food is a passion, Dr. Bauman has been involved with organized dentistry in many capacities and is currently a member of the Board of Regents for of the American College of Dentists, NYSDF Trustee, EDPAC Board Secretary and a NYSDA and ADA Delegate.  Dr. Bauman had this to say about the event: “I’m hoping that the attendees did not just view the event as an opportunity to socialize, network, learn some food-related information, and eat and drink, but mostly to value the importance of NYCDS membership and support for its Young Professionals group.”

Legal/Lending Insights Benefit Young Professionals

In a departure from the typical lecture, NYCDS invited industry experts to participate in a question and answer session for new dentists. The dentists that attended the Legal/Lending Insights program on May 3 enjoyed unfettered access to two of the leading legal and lending professionals in the New York Metro area. Bill Barrett, Esq, Mandelbaum Salsburg and Chad Widensky, Bank of America Practice Solutions, imparted practical pointers for anyone seeking to start out on their own, purchase or establish a practice, or expand their current practice. Their years of experience enabled them to focus on many factors that a dentist, with little to no business or legal training, wouldn’t even be aware of when entering into a contract, lease, or seeking financing.  An important take-away was that it is never too early to start taking steps to prepare for owning a practice. Start asking questions (early and often!) of professionals willing to help, in order to lay the groundwork for the future. They also emphasized the importance of working with professionals that deal specifically with dental issues.  Andrew Deutch, Young Professionals Co-Chair commented, "As always Bill Barrett and Chad Widensky provided us with invaluable information about topics that are necessary in maintaining and growing our practices. I look forward to the next time they will be around." 

Distinguished Panel Provides Insights and Candor
on Ethical Issues

Dental students from Columbia and NYU enjoyed a special Student Professionalism & Ethics program at NYCDS on April 20. The event, organized through the NYCDS Dental Ethics Committee and the Columbia SPEA President Juliet Tchorbajian, offered a very personal discussion of the ethical issues dentists may face during their careers. The distinguished panel included NYS Board of Regents Member for the American College of Dentists Mark Bauman, NYS Board for Dentistry Member Steven Cho, NYCDS President Ken Cooperman, NYSDA Council on Ethics Chair Gunther Junke, Peer Review Chair Barry Sporer, and NYSDA Past President Deborah Weisfuse. It was a very special evening for the students. They developed and presented questions for the panelists who then shared their own professional encounters with a variety of ethical quandaries as well as how they handled them.

Members Welcomed to New Facility
at April Membership Meeting

Approximately 100 members came to the Society’s first General Membership Meeting on April 3 at its new headquarters. Guest speaker Shantanu Lal, DDS, Director of Predoctoral Pediatric Dentistry and Associate Professor of Clinical Dentistry at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine, delivered an informative lecture on Emerging Technologies and Products in Dentistry for 2017.
Dr. Lal is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and he is recognized for his extensive teaching, research, and publishing, and his work in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Lal is passionate about technology and its applications in clinical care and education. He is the recipient of several awards, including the President’s Global Innovation Fund, Provost teaching grants, the IADR Lion dental research award, and the Zegarelli Award for “dedicated and inspired” teaching of dental students.  
Prior to the lecture there were several speakers that address the membership. NYSDA President-Elect Lawrence Busino shared the latest NYSDA initiatives and acknowledged everything the Society is doing with regard to maintaining strong membership.  In addition, Legislative and Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) Chair Deborah Weisfuse provided an overview of the thriving GKAS NYC program.  New York City Council Member and Honorary GKAS Chair Corey Johnson thanked Deborah Weisfuse and NYCDS for spearheading another successful GKAS event and spoke of the need for access to dental care on behalf of his constituents. NYU ASDA student David Ishakis spoke about the various ways the Society has engaged in outreach to dental students and the impact it has had on them. The Mentoring Program is underway for 3th and 4th year students and plans are being made for expanding the program under the leadership of Membership Committee Chair Ruby Gelman. Announcements were made of upcoming events, including the 3rd Annual Charity Golf Outing. The slate of Nominating Committee members was approved and will soon undertake the business of nominating officers and directors to serve in 2018. Thank you to our major sponsors for their support of this event:  AmWins, Bank of America Practice Solutions, Glove Club, Mandelbaum Salzberg, MLMIC and Straumann.