The Corporate Proof Practice

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
9:30 AM-4:30 PM
tuition: $99 for NYCDS members; $125 for all other dentists
Part of the Dentistry's Changing Landscape series; register for one or all four sessions.

Call to register:  212-573-8500.

One of the most significant change in the last 10 years has been the growth of corporate owned practices, dental management service organization, and individually owned local/regional group practices. This lecture will provide an overview of “corporate dentistry” as well as advice on how to avoid falling prey to it, how to join it, or perhaps even how to beat it!
  • What is corporate dentistry, what is a DMSO, and how fast are they growing?
  • Why does multiple practice ownership work, and why is it so attractive to investors and Wall Street?
  • What 10 changes must you make in order to compete?
  • Which numbers matter, and which don’t?
  • Should you avoid, join, or beat the group practice trend?

CE credit cannot be offered for the Dentistry’s Changing Landscape programs, but the information you learn should prove invaluable.

Matthew Krieger, DMD is a practicing dentist with a full time solo practice that has generated more than a million in revenue since 2007.  Dr. Krieger is the owner and founder of Million Dollar PPO Coaching and Consulting.  He has lectured on practice management throughout the United States, and is both an author and consultant. Dr. Krieger’s knowledge and experience come from practical application: what he teaches, he uses.