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AHRQ Issues CDSiC Newsletter

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has issued its Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC) newsletter, which can be read below.

Issue Number 6 | November 29, 2022


In this edition of The Insider, we recap the CDSiC’s progress in its first year and highlight two published viewpoints authored by CDSiC leadership on the challenges and opportunities for patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) and the technical landscape for PC CDS. We also feature conferences and webinars that are relevant to the work of the CDSiC.


Table of Contents:


CDSiC's First Year Accomplishments


It has been one year since the CDSiC project kicked off in October 2021. The CDSiC has been quite busy standing up our infrastructure and laying out our plans for pursuing our mission to advance patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) to improve health outcomes. In our first year, we have established a community of broad and diverse stakeholders to shape the current and future landscape of CDS by developing products that address the gaps and opportunities in advancing patient-centered CDS. As the first year of the CDSiC comes to a close and we begin reflecting on our goals for the coming year, we invite you to review this snapshot of our accomplishments thus far.

- Prashila Dullabh, MD, FAMIA, ACHIP
Principal Investigator of the CDSiC

Click the thumbnail below for an infographic of our first year metrics.


Stakeholder Center Updates


This status report provides updates on the progress of the activities of the Stakeholder Center from July to September 2022, including finalizing Workgroup product proposals, commencing product development work, and facilitating a Planning Committee meeting.

More information about the Stakeholder Center and recent progress can be found by clicking the button below.



CDSiC in the News – Published Viewpoints


In November, the CDSiC published two viewpoint pieces related to the challenges of advancing patient-centered CDS (PC CDS).


Healthcare IT News Blog: Grand Challenges and Opportunities for Patient-Centered CDS


Read this Healthcare IT News viewpoint authored by CDSiC leadership to learn more about challenges and opportunities to advance PC CDS and discover how the CDSiC is developing tools and products to address these challenges and build on these opportunities. This viewpoint highlights key findings from the JAMIA article, Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support: Findings from a Horizon Scan.

Click here to read the CDSiC blog on Challenges and Opportunities for Patient-Centered CDS.



Healthcare Innovation Blog: The Technical Landscape for Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support


Read this Healthcare Innovation Blog authored by CDSiC leadership to explore four key technical challenges in developing standards for PC CDS. This viewpoint article highlights recent findings from the JAMIA article, The Technical Landscape for Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PC CDS): Progress, Gaps, and Challenges.

Click here to read the CDSiC blog on the Technical Landscape of Patient-Centered CDS.


Conferences Corner


Below we highlight recent and upcoming meetings and conferences that are highly relevant to patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) stakeholders. These featured events represent great opportunities to network with or learn even more from experts in many topic areas, from the latest innovations in health data to the future of PC CDS! Read more about these events below.



In Case You Missed It: Updates from the AMIA 2022 Annual Symposium


The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 2022 Annual Symposium took place from November 5-9 in Washington, DC. This year’s Symposium featured the theme Informatics: Building the Evidence Base – and many CDSiC presenters! In particular, CDSiC leadership team members from AHRQ, NORC, and Elimu Informatics participated in a panel discussion on future directions for PC CDS, which was a great opportunity to engage with stakeholders and identify new areas for collaboration.The presenters were thrilled to see so many Workgroup members at the Symposium!

If you missed the presentation – or would like to review the material again – slides for this panel discussion are available for registered attendees on AMIA’s website.




Materials Now Available: FDA’s Webinar on Clinical Decision Support Software Final Guidance


On October 18th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hosted a webinar to discuss and answer questions regarding the Clinical Decision Support Software final guidance, which clarifies the FDA’s oversight of CDS software, explains the FDA’s existing digital health policies, and provides non-device CDS functions and device software functions examples. The CDSiC team tuned into the webinar to gain a further understanding of the federal landscape pertaining to CDS. The webinar materials, including the printable slides and transcript, are located here.

If you have questions about this guidance document, please contact the CDRH Digital Health Center of Excellence at digitalhealth@fda.hhs.gov.


AHRQ Webinar on Optimizing Data Visualization to Improve Care


On October 19th, AHRQ hosted a panel discussion on the use of visualization tools within a digital healthcare system to improve cognitive processes, workflows, and the patient experience. During the webinar, expert speakers shared findings from their own research on how to best use data visualization to improve care. The recording and slides are available here.

The webinar was particularly relevant to the work of the CDSiC Innovation Center, including projects underway to develop two data visualization dashboards for patient-reported outcomes and patient-generated health data. We described the plans for developing these dashboards in our latest Innovation Center Quarterly Report, found here.


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Coming Up Next


Thank you for reading our November newsletter about the CDSiC. We will be taking a break in December and will be back in January to provide you with the latest CDSiC updates.