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NYSAG Takes Action Against Dental Clinics for Using Unsterilized Equipment

The New York State Attorney General (NYSAG) has taken action against dental clinics for using unsterilized equipment.  NYSAG notes the dental clinics were operated by the Upper Allegheny Health System in the Southern Tier of New York State.  To read the NYSAG announcement and summary of its action against the dental clinics, use the first link below.  To read the complete NYSAG settlement agreement with the dental clinics, use the second link below.
https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/2021/attorney-general-james-teams-federal-prosecutors-make-dental-clinics-agree-pay-27  (NYSAG announcement and summary of action against dental clinics)
https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/uahs_settlement_agreement_fully_executed_5-24-21.pdf  (complete NYSAG settlement agreement with dental clinics)