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EHC Issues Two Reports

The Effective Health Care (EHC) program has issued two reports on various health care topics.  You can read the EHC reports below.

Opportunity to Comment on Draft Reports

EHC encourages the public to participate in the development of its research projects.  Comments can be submitted for:

Living Systematic Review on Cannabis and Other Plant-Based Treatments for Chronic Pain
(Available for comment until June 15, 2021)

The purpose of this systematic review is to evaluate the evidence on benefits and harms of cannabinoids and similar plant-based substances (e.g., kratom) to treat chronic pain.

Integrated Pain Management Programs
(Available for comment until June 21, 2021)

The purpose of the review is to evaluate the effectiveness and harms of integrated pain management programs and describe contextual, process, and structural factors that may impact outcomes particularly in the Medicare population.  This systematic review will inform Medicare coverage and payment for treatment of acute and chronic pain in support of the Dr. Todd Graham Pain Management Study, section 6086 of the SUPPORT Act.