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CAHPS Issues Summary of Fall Research Meeting

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) has issued a summary of CAHPS Fall Research meeting.  Meeting participants discussed:
  • Improving response rates for CAHPS surveys
  • Enhancing the representativeness of CAHPS survey respondents

Research meeting participants, including researchers and CAHPS stakeholders, shared findings about CAHPS survey administration methods, discussed stakeholders’ needs and concerns, and identified future research questions.  Read a summary of the September 2018 research meeting.  Learn more about CAHPS research on survey design and administration.  CAHPS surveys ask consumers about their experiences with health care.  The CAHPS program supports the development and promotion of CAHPS surveys, instructional materials, and databases, and provides technical assistance to users.  Learn more about the CAHPS program.  The CAHPS Database receives data voluntarily submitted by users that have administered either the CAHPS Health Plan Survey or the CAHPS Clinician and Group Survey.  The CAHPS Database aggregates the data to facilitate comparisons of CAHPS survey results by users, researchers, and other interested organizations.  Learn more about the CAHPS Database at: