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Find Employees or Employment Opportunities with NYCDS Partners

Looking to be hired or looking for staff – look no further!
Are you looking for employment?
Do you need to hire employees?
NYCDS has two great options -- with discounts for members!


12 (1)

• Provides quality permanent and temporary staff professionals from front desk to dentists.
• Performs a background check on all of their applicants
• Lets you receive personalized service for last-minute fill-ins.
• Reduces rates for NYCDS members…be sure to mention NYCDS.
Call 845-786-1700 or email Mention Code NYCDS.


• Has a sophisticated online algorithmic job-matching service that selects the best professional “matches” for you.
• Matches dental job seekers with dental employers.
• Gives NYCDS members 50% off your Doccupations membership fee.
• Was started by dentists…for dentists.