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*Important* Past Due and Upcoming X-ray Inspections Through 2021

Many dental practices are past due for an inspection of their x-ray equipment due to the pandemic; several practices have inspections due by the end of the year. Facilities that are due or past-due for inspection should retain a CRESO (Certified Radiation Equipment Specialty Officer) to complete the inspection and email the report to the NYC Office of Radiological Health.

Radiation Inspection Reminder!

Be sure to send the CRESO report to and include your registration # and “CRESO Cycle Inspection” in the subject line.

Radiation inspections take place every 5 years.
If you are unsure if you are past due or due for an inspection in 2021, you can call the NYCDS office at 212-573-8500.

*The good news is that facilities won’t be subject to a fine or penalty for a past-due inspection unless they have been directed by the Department to attain a CRESO inspection and have failed to do so.*

Before Your Inspection

Have Article 175 Available
Make sure you have Article 175 available on your office desktop: health-code-article175.pdf (
The regulation requiring document training of staff can be found on page 56.

A fact sheet of the 2019 changes to Article 175 can be found here: article-175-x-ray-fact sheet.pdf (

Renew your permit every two years
If you need to renew or acquire a radiation permit you can do so here: Permits and Licenses - NYC Health

The CRESO inspector we endorse:
Big Apple Radiation Safety provides thorough x-ray inspections and competitive pricing. NYS CRESO Martin Schnee is extremely knowledgeable and informative on radiation safety and requirements. To schedule an appointment, email or call 718-373-6348 or 718-986-4996.