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Covid-19 vaccine update

Javits Center Vaccination Appointments Availableđź’‰

Learn how to schedule your Covid-19 vaccination appointment.

Appointments for the COVID-19 vaccination are still available for dentists and their staff members. We noticed the Javits Center has the most appointments available at this time. Here are the steps to schedule an appointment at the Javits Center:

1. First you will need enter information to see if you're eligible for the vaccine (this is the first step in the registration process)

2. After you complete that information, there will be a "locate providers" button.

3. Many locations come up, but you can scroll to find Javits Center.

4. Appointments are booked through Saturday, but you'll see Sunday, January 17th has a few hundred appointments, and the days following have hundreds available too.


It is recommended that you bring your dental license and your medical insurance card to the vaccination site. Dental staff should bring proof of employment at a dental office, such as a paystub or a signed letter on letterhead and signed by the dentist, stating that the staff member is employed by the practice.