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NYCDS Wants to Hear from YOU

Be Honest With Us!

The only way we can make NYCDS a truly dynamic and vital organization is with your help. We want to hear from you...

Let's Do This TOGETHER!

Be often have you said "If only NYCDS would..."?
Well, this is the time to tell us!

 We do our very best, but we can't successfully reinvent NYCDS without your input.

 NYCDS is YOUR Organization. The time is now!

Email us at with ANY suggestions you have today!

We are listening, eager to hear from you, and we will discuss your suggestion(s) with you.

They say this is the moment for transitional change -- please be a part of it.

Lois A. Jackson, DDS
President-Elect/Acting President 

Ioanna G. Mentzelopoulou, DDS
Vice President

Mina C. Kim, DDS

Suchie Chawla DDS, MD

Richard J. Lewenson, DDS
Immediate Past President