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We Can Only Make NYCDS Stronger...Together

At the height of the COVID-19 crisis in NYC we came together as a profession and donated much sought-after PPE to healthcare workers on the frontline. As the need to get back to work became more apparent, we came together to push for this change, giving dentists the option to reopen...
It’s clear that the biggest strides we make as professionals happen when we are united and engaged. Now, we need to come together and create a more inclusive, collaborative, and reimagined NYCDS.

What was in place in our 150+ year history will not take us where we need to go in the future. We need to reinvent NYCDS so that it reflects your interests, your diversity, and most of all, your vision. How do we get there? Together.

If you like something we are doing, let us know. If you feel we are not providing something important to you, let us know. NYCDS is a reflection of each of you. Your voice matters.

We can’t do it alone – we need your input. Share your thoughts with us so we can make NYCDS a truly dynamic and vital organization, reflective of you. Email us at

We are listening!