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Worth Watching -- Video Recording of Functional Relations: Racial Diversity Webinar

**Recording from last week's webinar**, Functional Relations: Racial Diversity is now available. Follow along as our diverse panelists share their experiences and lead the way by starting a conversation about race, equity, and inclusion.
If you missed the compelling webinar on Functional Relations: Racial Diversity held last week you can watch it HERE.

This webinar is the first in a new series titled “Contemporary Issues, Starting the Conversation” created to bring dentists together to discuss and learn more about today's social issues.

Unlike traditional professional programming, this webinar panel gives honest feedback and shares personal experiences dealing with racial issues. Each panelist thoughtfully answered questions concerning the role race has played in their careers, how to have conversations about race, and how to move beyond talk and take action. Members watching the live program were appreciative of the discussion, an important first step. Future webinars will address the needs and concerns of members in the LGBTQ community and disabled populations.

Thank you to NYCDS President Lois Jackson, Secretary Mina Kim, Treasurer Suchie Chawla, Past President James Jacobs, and Drs. Rico Short and Elizabeth Simpson for their participation as panelists in this important webinar. NYCDS was pleased to see the webinar mentioned in the ADA’s Morning Huddle and New Member News.