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New York State Department of Health

Reminder for Practice Owners

In case you haven’t already done so, we want to remind practice owners to make sure to read and affirm the 12-page New York State Department of Health Interim Guidance for Dentistry.
This Interim Guidance for Dentistry during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (“Interim COVID-19 Guidance for Dentistry”) was created to provide dental healthcare personnel (DHCP) with precautions to help protect against the spread of COVID-19 as dentistry facilities re-open or continue to operate for elective and emergency procedures. This guidance applies to all dental care, including emergency and non-emergency/elective care.

These guidelines are minimum requirements only and any employer is free to provide additional precautions or increased restrictions. These guidelines are based on the best-known public health practices at the time of Phase II of the State’s reopening, and the documentation upon which these guidelines are based can and does change frequently. The Responsible Parties – as defined below – are accountable for adhering to all local, state and federal requirements relative to operating dentistry facilities and providing emergency and non-emergency dental care to patients. The Responsible Parties are also accountable for staying current with any updates to these requirements, as well as incorporating same into operational and safety plans

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