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ADA & NYSDA Coronavirus Resources Available

The ADA and NYSDA have provided information where dentists can obtain updated, current information on the Coronavirus outbreak.

Important Coronavirus Updates for Dentists


NYC Loans/ Grants

New York State Employment Law

Governor Cuomo's Executive Order & Emergency Services

  • Governor Cuomo’s executive order MANDATES that dental offices provide only emergency services. The mandate is in effect until April 19, 2020, but the governor can extend it if deemed necessary.
  • Create a COVID-19 Urgent Dental Care Protocol & Policy to help staff and patients understand how your practice is operating: Guidance for Dental Health Care Settings in Response to COVID-19   

What constitutes a dental emergency? 

Consent forms you can use for dental emergencies during the COVID-19 crisis:

Emergency Treatment Employee Consent Form 
Emergency Treatment Patient Release Form 

PPE -- Donate or Volunteer 

Relicensing and Self-Study

  • If you are due to relicense between March 1–June 1, 2020, the NYS Education Department will allow you to complete up to 100% of your continuing education as self-study, so long as it is taken from a Department-approved provider and is an acceptable subject area for dentistry.

Other useful resources: 

Bookmark these sites for the latest information and resources: 

As of the morning of March 2, the Washington Post reports that the U.S. government has confirmed 87 Coronavirus cases. As health care professionals, you must continue to closely monitor this situation and ensure your office procedures and protocols related to infection control are up to date.

Here’s what you should be doing:
  1. Created, and are updating with new developments, a webpage and handout at with Coronavirus information curated specifically for dental professionals. You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, information on patient assessment and a just added section on availability of personal protective equipment.

    ​The ADA will promote important updates to this page via the Morning Huddle. If you are not currently registered to receive ADA e-publications, including the Morning Huddle, please email the ADA Member Service Center at or call 800.621.8099.
  2. Contacting suppliers of masks to dental offices so we can share with you the scope of the situation. We know that some members are facing challenges in obtaining masks. The Food and Drug Administration says there are currently no known shortages on medical devices within the US market.

    As with prior emergencies, the FDA remains in contact with medical device manufacturers and others in the supply chain. The FDA encourages manufacturers and healthcare facilities to report any supply disruptions to the device shortages mailbox at The FDA indicates this mailbox has been a valuable surveillance resource to augment their efforts to detect and mitigate potential supply chain disruption.
  3. Assessing and planning for potential disruptions in ADA operations. Readiness is key. While transmission risk in the U.S. is currently low, this is a rapidly evolving situation. Our goal is to ensure ADA operations remain as smooth as possible so we can continue to provide excellent service to our members.
Please visit the CDC’s COVID-19 situation webpage as well as
for more information.

Coronavirus and the Dental Office

Diseases that are not capable of being protected against by bloodborne pathogen standards, like active, unmanaged tuberculosis or novel coronavirus, warrant medical referral and rescheduling dental treatment due to the risk of public contagion.  Novel coronavirus is also a reportable public health condition to the New York State Department of Health.  The NYSDA blog has carried the latest CDC updates and guidance on novel coronavirus for the last three weeks (people just need to search for “coronavirus”) and the homepage of the New York State Department of Health at: has all the guidance members will need on the novel coronavirus, including a hotline to call for advice/information.  The NYSDA Blog is available in the members only content at   

Additional Information: 
NYSDA - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns & Precautions
ADA - Infectious Disease In the News 2019: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For more information, please contact the Center for Dental Practice at or 312-440-2895.