Continuing Education Programs

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the New York State Education Department will allow you to complete 100% of your continuing education as self-study, from now until July 1, 2022, so long as it is taken from an approved provider and is an acceptable clinical subject area for dentistry.

We provide a transcript at the completion of each CE course, and we record CE credits with the State for all New York State ADA members.

Beautiful Class V Restorations: Predictable and Simplified

  • Thu, Oct 28, 2021 | 7:00 PM - Thu, Oct 28, 2021 | 9:00 PM
  • Phone: 1-800-265-3444 x 223

Led by Dr. Marc Geissberger
(Register by October 21)
CE hours: 2
Tuition: $249
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As individuals retain teeth longer than ever before, Class V lesions have become more prevalent. There are multiple types of lesions caused by erosion, abfraction, toothbrush abrasion, or a combination of these. This two-hour hands-on ONLINE Live interactive course will introduce participants to techniques and materials that will streamline the Class V restoration. Particular attention will be paid to preparation design, bonding protocols, placement techniques and polishing. This will be accomplished using both lecture format and live demonstration.

Who Should Attend This Course:

  • General Dentists

  • Prothodontists and Pediatric Dentists wishing to expand their treatment repertoire for various cervical restorations.

Course Outcomes & Hands-On Learning Objectives:

  • How to prepare Class V lesions for maximized retention and esthetics;
  • Bonding protocols designed to deliver predictable results;
  • Placement techniques that will utilize modern materials in an efficient way;
  • Contouring and finishing techniques that will yield lifelike restorations.

Course Technique Kit includes:

Maxillary Quad Model with Class V prep, Dental adhesive 5 ml, Microbrush, Dappen dish, Anterior/Posterior Composite, instrument REJ #10, Flowable composite (single dose), Restorative composites (single dose), All Surface Access Polishers, Flexible finishing discs, Mandrel, Diamond burs, Composite blending resin.

Required Materials (not included):

This course requires the following materials be available in your operatory and are not supplied in the Hands-OnLine Technique Kit: High Speed Handpiece, Slow Speed Handpiece, Air/Water Syringe, Curing Light, Compule Dispenser, Explorer, Gauze + Alcohol.

Hands-OnLine Technique Kits will be sent the day after registration closes.