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Membership Requirements

Membership, for practicing dentists, is tripartite. When joining NYCDS, membership in the American Dental Association and the New York State Dental Association is required. Both organizations feature unique national and state benefits. Those who wish to join the NYCDS as an:
Active Member
  • Must practice at least 50% of their time in Manhattan;
  • May be member of a different local component but plan to move to Manhattan. These individuals must obtain written permission to transfer their membership - our staff can help to facilitate this process;
  • Previous members who did not renew must complete a reinstatement application.

Associate Member
  • Are tripartite members elsewhere but wish to access NYCDS member benefits may join as an associate member;

Student/Post Graduate Member
  • Must be enrolled in a dental school or residency program in Manhattan;
  • Are asked to complete an application signed by the registrar of their school or program director;
  • Membership is complimentary in the NYCDS and NYSDA. There is a fee to join the ADA.