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Application Forms / Dues

Active Members dues are based upon the length of time practicing as well as membership history with the American Student Dental Association which qualifies a practitioner for reduced dues. Dues quotes can be obtained by calling Joanne, our Member Services Coordinator, at 212-573-8500.
Reinstated Active Members dues are the applicable fees as noted above along with a $25 reinstatement fee.
Associate Members dues are $115 annually along with an established tripartite membership in the ADA.
Students and Graduate Students do not pay dues to the New York County Dental Society or the New York State Dental Association. The American Dental Association charges $30 annually.
What to Submit
You may mail or fax your application and accompanying materials to:
New York County Dental Society
622 Third Avenue, 9th floor
New York, NY 10017
telephone 212-573-8500
Be sure to obtain a dues quote and then submit:
  • a completed application form;
  • a check made out to the New York County Dental Society for the amount of dues you were quoted;
  • your signed agreement to abide by the Code of Ethics;
  • (for active members), and a business card or letterhead that indicates your office address in Manhattan.

Forms are accessible on this site. Simply click on the one you wish to reproduce or call NYCDS Headquarters to receive them by mail:

New members are elected monthly and approval will take approximately six weeks from the date it is received at headquarters.